Bring back lost love spells


Bring back lost love spells

Bring a lover back into your life, and give yourselves a second chance. This powerful spell using ancient candle magic may help you accomplish this goal. Candle magic is an ancient art, and one of the simplest forms of spell casting to learn. So if you’re new to Witchcraft, these spells are a good place to begin.

If you still have feelings for this person, it may not have been that the relationship was bad. It might have been bad timing, or bad circumstances surrounding you at the time. Either way, if you’re lonely and missing this person, it wouldn’t hurt to try again and see if you can rekindle an old flame with candle magic.

What You Need to Know:

Is This Love Spell Guaranteed to Work?

Bring back lost love spells

I’m not going to lie to you: no. Anyone who guarantees that a spell will work is conning you. Spells do work, but they don’t always work and you can’t guarantee it. Seriously, how many things in life always work? Plans go awry sometimes. Things break down. Accidents happen. Stuff fails. Very few things in the world are fool-proof. A spell can fail for any number of reasons. If your concentration is interrupted, if you’re unskilled at raising energy, a spell can fail. For the record—just because spells fail sometimes doesn’t make Witchcraft any less real. My dishwasher fails sometimes. Sometimes I find bits of dried sludge on them, or sometimes it outright breaks down. That doesn’t mean dishwashers don’t work or are a figment of our imagination. If you don’t believe in magic, by all means, don’t bother doing it. You’ll never be able to work up the sincere energy you need to properly cast the spell. But if you do believe, don’t let failed spells discourage you. It’s all part of the learning process, and things going not as you expected sometimes is just part of life.

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