Voodoo spells to control someone


Voodoo spells to control someone

The use of voodoo doll has made manipulation spell easier as it creates a channel for easy communication. These dolls work through the effect of sympathetic magic.  Previously, this art was practiced by African slaves in Europe and America. These figurines representing a real person were used as a tool by the slaves to avenge their master. Since then, these dolls have always been associated with black magic. In recent times, voodoo figurines are used to bring health, prosperity, protection and love.

Voodoo spells to control someone

In making a voodoo doll there are some things to consider as the dolls are designed based on the needs of the spell.  In making a choice of fabric, you can use wool, cotton, fiber, flannel, etc. Also, the color of the fabric is dependent on the purpose of the ritual. For example; green for health, orange for prosperity and black is usually used for black magic rituals.

A voodoo doll should be dressed with clothes, oil and make up. You can choose which of the materials to use and also it is very necessary to dress your doll with some personal elements of the subject. While preparing a voodoo doll to control a person you will need some of their elements such as hair, nails, clothing and the doll should be made to resemble the individual.

Do you have someone you wish to be manipulating? It might be your husband, wife, mother, boss or whosoever. In this blog we will show you a simple spell to cast and if you are successful at it, you will see your target obeying all your commands.

Ritual One:

Get all the necessary materials needed for preparing your voodoo doll. Design the voodoo doll to look like your target and remember to add some of his personal elements. After your voodoo doll is ready, consecrate it by calling upon loa then you can download the best energies and faith to that doll. You can baptize the doll and name it after your client. After this ritual, this doll shall be a medium to reach your target. You can pronounce your wishes to the doll and it will be fulfilled. Store the doll where no one can see it and only bring it out when you have a new command.

Ritual Two:

This Voodoo Control Spell must be cast on a Tuesday.

Items required:

  • A picture or personal item of the person you wish to control.
  • Twine
  • Piece of paper and pen
  • Quartz Crystal
  • Milk
  • A lock of hair of the person
  • 3 green candles
  • Yams
  • Mangos
  • 3 pins
  • Rain Water
  • Whiskey


  • Write your target’s name on the paper
  • Fold up the picture into 3 or 7 times and put it into the paper.
  • Add the personal item (hair, nails, etc…)
  • Fold up the paper to form a package.
  • Tie the package with a twine and this shall represent the target.

While carrying out these procedures you must constantly meditate on your requests. You should create an altar for Voodoo Loa Simbi and ask him for help. Decorate his altar with offerings of milk, rainwater, whisky, yams, quartz and mangos.

Continue with the following steps:

  • Place the candles close to the package as both items represent the target.
  • Light one of the green candles, meditate on how you wish to control your target and call on Loa Simbi for assistance.
  • Hold the pin in your right hand then stick it into the green candle. Do these while focusing on your desires.
  • As the first green candle burns light up another and repeat the process of meditating and sticking of pin.
  • Repeat the same process for the third green candle then let all candles burn out completely.

At this stage you are expected to gather the remnants of the candle, yam, milk, whisky etc… and package representing the victim and offer them to Simbi who is the Loa of water. You can do this by throwing those items into an ocean, river, lake, etc.. After which you should say prayers of thanksgiving.

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